Water in sugar cane is the most reliable source, Sugar cane itself contains 60-70% water & it is generated in the form of sugar
condensate vapors during the process of concentration of juice in multiple effect evaporator & pan bodies.


condensate is almost pure, except for a few impurities, which are required to be tackled and treated before the water is available for the specific use desired. Sugar condensate water is rich in organics & dissolved impurities & has a temperature of 65-85° C & this can be recovered for reuse as cooling tower make up, raw water for boiler WTP, equipment cooling, distillery process etc. Due to this Karkhana can save fresh water up to 60-65 % for intake & this will leads to a well maintain water management in the sugar & allied industries. This causes minimization in fresh water consumption & reduction in cost. Condensate from the sugar industry has characteristics, BOD from 100-150 mg/l, COD 250 to 500 mg/l, colour less and pH around 4-5.

Whereas Condensate from distillery units has characteristics BOD ranging from 2200 to 2500 mg/l, COD ranging from 8000 to 4500 mg/l, colour less, acidic in nature.

WTE infra project pvt ltd offers treatment solution for both condensates, consisting of chemical precipitation and biological treatment process (for distillery UASB/reactor followed by Extended Aeration and anaerobic filter followed by Extended Aeration for sugar condensate) and advance tertiary treatment for reuse.


Based on Anaerobic and Aerobic Process

Odorless treatment

Finest outlet quality

Long Life

Compact Design

Organic load variation can be handled

Treated water recycle and reuse

Very easy to operate and maintain

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