Demineralization Plant

The process of demineralization is used to remove mineral salts by utilizing ion exchange process.

Demineralization Plant

There are three sections in the DM plant: a strong acid cation, a strong base anion, and a mixed bed unit. All of them work together for generating results with 15 micro Siemens/cm conductivity. The Water Demineralization Plant we offer is highly proven, effective, and reliable by design. It provides user-friendly operation and runs on low power, ensuring cost-effective results.


Corrosion resistant resin and brine tank construction.

Timer-based automatic regeneration (Optional)

High quality DM resin provides stability and uniform size for top performance and long life.

Simple inline configuration for ease of installation and maintenance.

Range of demineralization Plant provided by Demineralization Plant to -suit industrial applications.

Available in simplex and duplex configurations for intermittent or continuous use.

DM Plant are available in MS, MSRL, FRP, operating in Manual / Auto mode by DM Plant Manufacturers in Pune.

Proved mechanism of top distribution and bottom collection system, – made of laser cut strainer embedded on rubber lined strainer plate.

Resin trap at the backwash line.

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