Water filtration plants are used to purify water
by removing contaminants, chemicals, and hazardous materials from the source.

horizontal filter


It is commonly utilized for the removal of solids, colors, and turbidity from water & waste water. Our ingenious designs make sure utilization of maximum surface area and accuracy in lowering the pressure drops. This is how our products help build optimum productivity in your work cycle ensuring efficient removal of impurities


These filters play a vital role in the treatment system and it works as a pre or post treatment of raw and waste water. Our Products are available in MSEP/MSRL/FRP/SS. Our portfolio consists of various filtration products ensuring maximum efficiency for all your needs

We offer:

Activated Carbon Filter, Dual Media Filter, Multigrade Filter, Pressure Sand Filter, Calcite Filter, LimeStone Filter, Side Stream filter, Iron Removal Filter, Horizontal Filter.


Tertiary treatment for Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Grey Water Treatment Plant.

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