Oil Water Separator (OWS)

Oil-water separators are machines that remove free oil from water at a number 5 ppm
with the use of API/TPI , oil skimmers and coalesce column integration.

Oil Water Separator (OWS)

Our product helps you achieve Oil and TSS limits as per PESO norms and is designed to provide end to end recycling system.

Produced Water Treatment Plant:

The main purpose of a produced water treatment plant is to treat the resulting water that is generated during oil and gas extraction from reservoirs. When oil and gas are processed, water is separated from the contaminants and injected back into the reservoir to keep a constant pressure or can be discharged, but in both conditions, the water needs to be treated. Our product does exactly that, making sure that the treated water is clean for disposal and reuse.

Pretreatment :

In the pretreatment process, API/CPI/TPI are used to remove as much oil as possible from the water

we use the following technologies for ensuring the highest removal rate by using

API(Atmospheric Plate Interceptor)/TPI(Tilted Plate Interceptor)/CPI(Corrugated Plate Interceptor) and then further treated in DGF

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