Silica Wastewater Treatment Plant

Silica removal is an extremely important process that helps remove the colloidal and reactive types of silica from water and wastewater.

Silica Wastewater Treatment Plant

Silica gets deposited on turbines and heat exchangers making it a serious problem factor as it makes up for an added cost to continuously clean this silica scaling on different components.

We offer three types of Silica removal systems –

Physico Chemical Treatment (Lime softening ) –

This method is more effective and economical when the silica content of water is higher. Water is treated by adding lime to it, which creates clumps that remove hardness from the water along with silica and other impurities.

Membrane separation –

Colloidal silica can be removed from water with ultrafiltration to a 98 % efficiency.

Resin Bed –

Reactive silica can be removed with specially formulated resins of up to 200ppm. This is done with resin beds that can be regenerated by chemicals and reused.

Rain Water Harvesting

It is the practice of accumulating rainwater and storing it on a site for later reuse, rather than letting it runoff. Natural rainwater can be collected from various sources and is redirected to a pit where it is safely percolated and stored from the external environment.

Rainwater Harvesting is a modern approach to utilizing nature’s best water source and safely reusing it as per our demands and needs. Water that gets harvested can be used in several ways like – Agriculture, Domestic usage, and Industrial workflow demands, and much more.

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